Hey I made a thing, haven’t done a personal doodle in foooorreeevvverrrrr! Should do one of these every night…

Also while I was gone, Kotaku posted an article about a thread I made a while back called Rawk, so weird to see my name in there :O

Also I’m blaming Chris Bruin for not timing me on this sculpt… but he’s a cool guy and his portfolio is here.

Super pumped for GDC! Hope to see you all there :D

A 20-30 min sketch for this cool guy named Matt Bard, he’s got good stuff over here in the internet.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately, mostly because of freelance work and whatnot. I may be posting even less now because starting early January I’ll be joining the team down at Rockstar San Diego. I do have some plans for personal work that doesn’t involve rocks whatsoever so hopefully I’ll have something to show later on. Anyways keep arting! :D

QuestionDudddee I just saw your Rawk thread on PC. Best thread ever! Answer

Thanks man, better contribute!

More world machine stuff, night and day in this thing man, NIGHT AND DAY.

Forgot to see if these rocks blend together, here’s a super quick mashup to see if I’m headed in the right direction. Detail comes after!

Questionwow i love your blog style. inspiring how you break it down and show what you do. thanks :) also i would ask if you have some kind of website or maybe a blogger page? that would be super cool :) greets kay Answer

As a matter of fact I do have a website, it’s http://www.haydenwu.com/
Thanks for the complement and follow!

Made a couple tweaks to the coast